Roommate Compatibility Quiz


By Raymond Sobczak

Whether you are an incoming freshman or a seasoned upperclassman, picking a roommate is tough. With more than 40,000 students on campus, finding the perfect roommate can feel searching for a needle in a haystack. And once you find potential roommates, there are numerous factors to consider, such as lifestyle choices, hygiene habits and finances.

So how do you find your perfect match? Consider the checklist below. First, ask yourself the following questions regarding living habits, utilities and grocery bills and cleaning schedules, and then compare your answers with your potential roommate. It may also be a good idea to circle which ones you believe are “deal breakers” or “must haves” before comparing answers.

Making sure you are a good fit

You need to make sure that you and your new potential roommate(s) are going to mesh well and ultimately bond together. You don’t want to be constantly fighting over simple issues that you could have solved or figured out before you signed the lease.  

Some of the questions may seem personal. But if you’re going to possibly be living with them next year, it is important to know about their habits now rather then learn about them after you move in. Plus, if all roommates are upfront with each other, it will hopefully prevent any future fights or arguments you may have with your roommate.

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    1. Do you listen to loud music (or do you listen to music loudly)?

    2. Do you like to have people over often?

    3. Do you like going to other people’s places?

    4. Do you have a car?

    5. Do you mind sharing your belongings?

    6. Do you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes?

    7. Do you mind being around drinking if you don’t do it yourself?

    8. If you close your door, do you dislike any type of interruptions? 

    9. Do you leave personal belongings in other rooms in your current living situation? (your laptop in the living room, hair dryer in the bathroom, etc.)

    10. Will you need extra storage space other than your bedroom?

    Utilities and other bills

    Unless you’re going to be in a living situation where utilities are included, you have to set up accounts for your utilities, including water, electricity and Internet. What some people have found to work best is setting up everything in one person’s name and then just paying that person every month. Another great solution is to have each roommate have a utility or bill in his or her name.

    Groceries are also a huge expense that you have to face if you plan on living in an apartment. If you plan on living in the dorms you don’t have to worry as much, but snacks you plan to share should still be sorted out.

    1. Do you mind sharing (food/drinks, etc.)?

    2. Do you watch cable TV?

    3. Is cable TV necessary for you?

    4. Do you use the Internet often?

    5. Is the Internet necessary for you?

    6. Do you take long (15-20 minute) showers?

    7. Do you leave the water running while you brush your teeth?

    8. Do you tend to leave the lights on when you’re not in the room?

    9. Do you cook a lot?

    10. Do you go out to eat often?

    Cleaning schedules

    Communication is key in ensuring that you and your roommates stay on top of your weekly chores. Divide the chores evenly between all your roommates, and, if there are certain things that you each prefer to do, try and accommodate.

    Another aspect you have to look at is the cleaning supplies. Roommates should all pitch in on purchasing cleaning products and appliances. You can again make a chart to see who bought what, and when they bought it. That way, you are not only staying organized, but you can also see if you are running low on certain products.

    1. Are there any certain areas that you don’t mind cleaning? If yes, discuss which areas.

    2. Are there certain areas that you absolutely do not want to clean? If yes, discuss which areas.

    3. Are you the type of person to wash your dishes right after using them? 

    4. Do you let your dishes pile up and do them all later?

    5. If your having people over, is it important that your living space is clean?

    Raymond can be reached at [email protected].