Six ways to make your dorm room or apartment feel more like home


By Mara Shapiro

Leaving home can be tough for a lot of college students. However, it is still possible to make a college dorm or apartment a “home away from home” through various decorative and comforting tactics and items.

1. Posters

Posters are a great way to decorate the dreary dorm walls. Posters of music artists, movies, sports figures or anything that make a person feel comforted should be brought to school from home or purchased at college. It will make plain white walls less bare and more lively. 

2. Pictures

Students can also use pictures of pets, significant others, parents, friends and even oneself to decorate the walls. There are tons of cute ways to put up pictures, whether it’s by taping them along the ceiling, making collages on boards or putting them in frames. It displays the personality of the owner of the room; it shows that the person has history. It can make students happier to see the smiling faces of their parents or friends when they are miles away from them.

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    3. Familiar items

    Familiar items can be various items from life back home. It could be that favorite furry bathrobe, those cute bunny slippers or your favorite blanket. These things will still feel and probably smell like home, so they are bound to ease the transition into college life. 

    4. Inspirational items

    Many stores sell inspirational wall art or decorations. For example, Bed, Bath & Beyond sells a “Love is all you need” wall art for less than $10 that can brighten up your dorm room and keep you in a positive mindset.

    5. Supplies for hobbies

    During down time, students can enjoy their favorite hobbies from high school and transport back to a carefree time at home. Students can bring their supplies to college if it fits in their dorm room, such as tennis rackets, running gear or maybe even a musical instrument.

    6. A clock

    This may not seem like much, but a clock can make the room seem more like a home. Plus, there will always be a reminder of the time without the need to check your phone. 


    Eric Savin, freshman in DGS; Roxanne Kessler, freshman in DGS; and Jennifer Foote, sophomore in DGS, know the importance of making a dorm or apartment feel like home.

    Savin brought down his rollerblade hockey gear and framed pictures for his dorm. He brought two pictures by artist Steve Argyle, a painting by his father and a drawing he personally made during a high school art class. Savin appreciates his father’s artwork.

    “It’s hanging right over my bed,” he said. “I get to appreciate how tough it was to make.”

    He also brought his mattress pad from home to make his bed more comfortable. 

    “It makes it more my place and not some random room I just happen to be sleeping in,” Savin said. “(My decorations) add personality. It makes it a home versus a house.”

    Kessler also values decorations in her dorm. Kessler crafts her own items, including initial letters hanging over her bed. Throughout the room she has pictures from back home and items from her sorority, Delta Zeta. 

    “Pictures make it more personal,” she said. “I also like a lot of color. I try to make the room neat and organized to do homework in. Being organized is good for any small space.” 

    Foote also crafts her own items for her apartment. She also has Harry Potter quotes, her Sigma Alpha sorority paddle, pictures from back home and stars throughout her room. 

    “I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, so that’s why I have the quotes,” Foote said. “I’m from a small town so the pictures help me remember home. And the stars remind me of my childhood.”

    Mara can be reached at [email protected].