Studying abroad? Start browsing subleasing options


By David Rothmund

When Alla Krashevsky, junior in LAS, was notified she would be studying abroad in Granada, Spain, in August, she was teeming with excitement. But with plans to travel abroad, every study abroad student must make arrangements for things back home. Waiting until the last minute can become stressful, and one may not find the best sublessee.

“As soon as you find out you are going abroad, or even have the opportunity to potentially do so, you should start browsing subleasing options immediately,” Krashevsky said.   

For those wanting to study abroad and needing to sublet their apartment, there are many effective ways to find someone to take over the lease.  


All registered University students have access to hundreds of Facebook groups, such as housing, summer subleases and graduating classes. 

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    However, Kenzie Pittman, senior in LAS, said that posting on these Facebook groups can become complicated and overwhelming. It can be hard to make a post stand out to others.

    Pittman said she believes more people will be drawn to a post with pictures of the apartment and the complex, featured amenities and what the apartment management staff is like.

    “Consistency is key,” she said. “See how many people ‘like’ your first post, then determine whether or not you should add more details to the next post.” 


    Justin Quinn, leasing manager for Tower at Third, said that he refers everyone to Craigslist. Tower at Third houses many apartment units, so when a tenant is trying to find someone to “relet,” it is their responsibility, he said.

    “(Craiglist) is effective, and a lot of people know of the site,” he said.  

    Craigslist has an entire section dedicated to sublets and temporary housing. Provide information with key words that will catch the attention of someone in need of an apartment. Including multiple pictures and a map can help increase one’s chances as well.   

    Study abroad website

    As a peer adviser for the Illinois Study Abroad Office, Pittman helps students throughout the initial process of deciding where they would like to study abroad. When students come in with questions regarding how to find someone to sublet their apartment, Pittman refers them to online sites.

    The study abroad website lists numerous resources to find housing. It provides links to The Daily Illini’s apartment search, The News-Gazette’s apartment’s search, Craigslist, Study Abroad Housing Board and the University’s Tenant Union.

    Similar to The News-Gazette’s apartment search, The Daily Illini’s apartment search is an easy and organized way of sharing apartment information, Pittman said.

    The Study Abroad Housing Board is similar to Craigslist, Pittman said, but it is nice that everyone has to have an address to log on. Also, knowing how many views each post receives can determine if one needs to update information over time. In addition to lease reviews and educational programming, the Tenant Union helps students find apartments and houses. 

    Word of mouth

    Krashevsky, Pittman and Quinn stated that asking friends if they know anyone is the easiest and safest way to find a potential person to take over a lease while studying abroad. Pittman said to “make an announcement at events or meetings” because attendees may know someone in need of an apartment.  

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