Top-5 college dorm room necessities


Before moving off to college, those college necessity lists can seem pretty redundant. Dorm rooms are often tight on space, and not all students need the same knickknacks and room organizers to cram in. Here are the five items students will not only want in their dorm rooms but will soon wonder how they ever lived without.

1. A dust buster or small vacuum

This item, which takes up next to no space, is probably the No. 1 cleaning-related item every student should have. If there are any extra crumbs on the ground from accidentally spilled snacks, this easy hand-held vacuum will have it cleaned up in no time.

2. Study pillow or body pillow

Not only will these pillows make those well-deserved naps most comfortable, but they can also make studying a little easier and more pleasant (but there is the risk of falling asleep). It can also be decorative and make a dorm look a little more like home. 

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3. Batteries

Yes, this one sounds silly, but rest assured, there is nothing worse than leaving for a math exam and realizing the calculator is completely out of battery life. It seems as though everyday items always run out of battery life at the worst moments, so buy extra batteries and keep them on hand.

4. Luggage or duffel bags

This can be easily forgotten. Keep in mind weekend trips home or bus rides to neighboring college friends. Keep an extra suitcase or duffel bag to make packing easy.

5. Coffee maker

For many college students, it can seem as through their bodies are made of 10 percent water and 90 percent caffeine. Yes, coffee is one of my main food groups, and some may even call it an addiction. Having some type of coffee maker in one’s dorm room will allow students to more easily satisfy their coffee fix throughout the day.


These are some items most already have at home and probably take for granted. Dorm living can be great in a lot of ways. Students can live with friends and have their own space, but they should make sure that space has everything they need. 

Samantha is a freshman in Business. She can be reached at [email protected].