US-Israel alliance can unify political parties

There are few issues that a president of the College Democrats and the president of the College Republicans can come together and agree upon.

We have come together to pronounce our support for the US-Israel relationship. Last weekend, members of the Student Senate, College Republicans, College Democrats, law student Bar Association and the University’s Board of Trustees came together to celebrate and declare our support for the US-Israel alliance at the American-Israeli Student Coalition’s annual Student Leadership Reception.  

At this reception, we realized that regardless of our partisan ideologies, the unique relationship between the United States and Israel brings our parties together. As the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel protects the human and civil rights of all its citizens, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. Through America and Israel’s military partnership, both countries reap the benefits of improved training and technology to make their nations safer.  

Despite the College Democrats and College Republicans various differences, we can all agree that Israel is a valuable American ally and member of the international community. In light of recent events on campus, we, the heads of College Democrats and College Republicans, find it imperative to reassert our steadfast support for the US-Israel relationship.

Kyle Deal, President of College Republicans, and Jaclyn Gelfond, President of College Democrats.

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