Finding the perfect study spot can help students focus on finals

Finding the perfect study spot can make all the difference while preparing for finals. Fortunately for University students, there are many places to camp out for the last week of the semester. 

With final exams set to begin Friday and end on May 16, students are starting to get on their study grind. But before reviewing class materials, students must find a proper studying place on campus to focus.

Lisa Romero, communications librarian, said the Communications Library located on the first floor of Gregory Hall is the best place for students majoring in media and communications to study on campus. 

“We are one of the smaller libraries on campus, but we are housed within the building where the faculty and students interested in media are,” Romero said. “This is an advantage because we are close to all the people that use this library more often.” 

Romero also said the Communications Library is a convenient and comfortable place for students to prepare for finals.

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“We are conveniently located on the Quad, near the bus stops and inside a building where there is a lot of traffic, making it a safe environment,” Romero said. “We also have a really cozy, comfortable space according to our users. We don’t shush anyone, but we let people monitor themselves. This way, the library doesn’t get too crazy, and people are really respectful of the other students studying.”

The Communications Library offers a variety of seating options such as comfortable chairs, couches, big tables and small tables for students to work at. The library also contains nine computer terminals, and multiple outlets for laptops and TVs for students to use.

“The Communications Library is unlike any other library on campus because we provide access to international news from nine different areas worldwide via eight flat-screen TVs,” Romero said. “We also have a lot of non-media majors use this library during finals to watch the international news, as well.”

Although the Communications Library is open to anyone, Romero said the staff is trained to be experts in the communications and media fields.

“We hire a lot of people from the media college,” Romero said. “We want them to be available to talk about projects and answer questions these students may have.”

The Communications Library has begun hosting extended hours for finals, lasting until May 16. This library will be open from 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 1 p.m. to midnight Sunday. 

Although students may study in the many libraries on campus for finals, Arthur Ding, sophomore in Engineering, enjoys studying elsewhere. 

“My favorite place to study is the Aerospace Computer Lab on the third floor of Talbot Lab,” Ding said. “It’s our department computer lab, and it’s just filled with other aero majors working on the same assignments. So if I get stuck on something, it’s easy to find someone who can help me.” 

Ding also said he does not like to study in crowded, noisy or dim places, which makes the Aerospace Computer Lab the perfect studying spot for him.

“I like studying in bright places, because I’d fall asleep too easily otherwise,” Ding said. “Usually, an average computer lab environment is great for me. The lab is also really convenient because it’s so close to food places around the Green Street area. I can run out to grab something to eat and be back at work in no time.”

In the past, Ding studied in Grainger Engineering Library, but made the switch to the computer lab for a better studying environment.

“I switched because the Aerolab provides a much more private, quiet environment where my department peers also study,” Ding said. “The good thing about the Aerospace Lab is that only Aerospace majors can get in. There aren’t too many of us, so the environment stays relatively quiet and focused even during times of heightened activity.”

Cater Minnis, sophomore in Engineering, said his favorite place to study on campus is his own dorm room at Illinois Street Residence Halls. 

“I study in my room because it’s the place most familiar to me,” Minnis said. “That helps me relax and focus on my studies.” 

Minnis said that he works best at his desk while listening to music when studying for finals.

“The background noise helps me to remember things in exams,” Minnis said. “If I forget what I need to know, I can remember what I was listening to and that usually helps.”

Although Minnis said he believes studying at the library can also be helpful while studying with small groups, he has always preferred his own room.

“Studying in your room is nice because everything you need is right there next to you,” Minnis said. “You don’t have to pack up and move out, you can just get to work right away.”

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