Perusing through the popular booths

Quad Day is returning on Sunday and will showcase all the different and diverse registered student organizations that the University has to offer.

According to the Office of Registered Organizations, the University offers more than 1,100 RSOs. With all of the choices available to students, Quad Day can be a bit overwhelming.

But there are a few organizations that consistently bring in a large crowd each year. For those who feel like they cannot find the right place to start on Quad Day, try checking out one of these popular organizations first:

October Lovers

October Lovers is a fun, social club that gives students a chance to participate in all kinds of fall-related activities, according to Darragh McDermott, University graduate and former president of October Lovers, and the organization’s web profile.

“October Lovers does always have a large and interested crowd,” McDermott said.

Advertising some of the organization’s festivities, such as a trip to Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch, a barn dance and a birthday party for anyone with an October birthday, is what attracts so many people to their booth, and to the organization, on Quad Day.

With over 1,500 members on the October Lovers Facebook page, this organization is a hot spot among hundreds of booths at Quad Day.

Illinois Men’s Club Soccer

According to Illinois Men’s Club Soccer’s co-Presidents Joe Gainer and Tom Homa, the RSO is a competitive club soccer organization split into two teams that provide students a chance to compete against hundreds of collegiate teams across the country. The club teams play against other teams in the league, and both Illinois teams have been very successful in recent years, according to Gainer and Homa. Each year, the organization has about 18 to 22 members.

Homa said the reason that many students are interested in Illinois Men’s Club Soccer is due to high school soccer players wanting to continue the sport through college.

“A lot of good high school soccer players want to play in college, but they are also looking for the classic college experience,” he said. “Our club teams give players the opportunity to play college soccer at a competitive level and still have a great college experience with other organizations on campus and their social lives. Our players have plenty of time to focus on school, participate in other organizations and Greek life.”

American Red Cross Club

Whether it is due to students wanting to continue their volunteering through college, or because American Red Cross is a nationally-recognized and known organization, there is always a crowd around this booth at Quad Day. With their energized representatives and information about club activities, such as fundraising events, social events and disaster response training along with many other events, students have become interested in this organization. With approximately 190 likes on Facebook, the American Red Cross Club is definitely a popular organization to check out on Quad Day.

Alpha Kappa Psi

For the many students entering college with a business major, the professional business fraternities can provide opportunities for students that may help post-graduation.

Due to Alpha Kappa Psi’s standing as the largest and oldest business fraternity on campus with over 130 active brothers, the notoriety of the organization continues to assist each year at Quad Day. Their website states that “being the largest means that you can tap a network of hundreds of alumni willing to help you reach your next goal…being the oldest business fraternity on campus means you get to be part of a storied tradition.”

The organization’s popularity is in part due to the 100 percent rate of seniors graduating with a job, and more than 80 percent of students having a GPA over 3.5.

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