Six steps to a successful Quad Day

By Mikayla Ostendorf

Here’s a guide to get you through your first Quad Day — an experience not fully understood until you see it for yourself. Make the day uniquely your own by following these basic steps. 

1. Wake up early (10 a.m. — oh my!). Grab a cup of coffee and lace up your most comfortable pair of shoes. The key is to look professional, yet feel comfortable. Your feet will thank you after four hours of conquering the quadrangle. Bring a bag large enough to hold the handouts that clubs will give you.

2. Go solo. I know, I know, but your friend will inevitably have different interests than you, and you don’t want to be rushed from the space rocket club booth just as the conversation gets juicy.

3. Approach tables with a smile and good posture. The key is to come off as confident — this is your first impression with some of the leaders of the group you wish to join. They could even have influence over your acceptance into the club (no pressure).  With that in mind, speak professionally, with no “likes” or “omgs.” 

4. Be proactive. Ask to be put on the email list so you can learn about club meeting times and where to find an application if there is one.  But, that being said, write your name down on club email lists only if you are actually considering joining. Trust me on this one. Or don’t, and spend the rest of your four years receiving emails from clubs you don’t even remember signing up for.

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5. Go to tables that relate to these three things: your academics, your hobbies and/or your dreams. If you are a science major but have always wondered if you would like speech, pay a visit to a communications table. Your options are basically limitless, and Quad Day is a perfect time to follow the dreams you were unable to when you had fewer opportunities in high school. If you love to sing, stop by the choir tables, not the water polo group. Focus on the activities you want to make an impression on.

6. After four hours of conversing and exploring, it’s time to breathe. Now you can meet up with your friends (roomie separation anxiety, ugh!). Grab some Cocomero on Green Street, discuss your finds and make sure to empty your bag back in your dorm and re-evaluate. 

Mikayla is a sophomore in Media. She can be reached at [email protected].