Apology for Homecoming decorations

The Illinois Chapter of Delta Chi would like to formally apologize for the Homecoming decorations that were displayed Friday, Oct. 24 through Sunday, Oct. 26 outside of our Chapter House. The representations on the paddle were meant to show school pride in our football team. We now realize how this could be deemed offensive, but please understand this was never our intent.

Our organization values tolerance and maintains a progressive mindset regarding minority populations within our Chapter and the University. We recognize that as an organization we represent the University and the International Headquarters of Delta Chi, and as a result, we are disappointed by the depiction of Native Americans in our Homecoming decorations.

This action is not consistent with our values, and our Chapter can assure the campus community that this type of insensitivity will not be repeated in any form in the future. Our members will participate in a tolerance education program to assure we all continue to not only understand the issue at hand, but to be a leading voice for this important issue within the Greek community at the University of Illinois.

Delta Chi, Illinois Chapter