Native American House partners with Dining Halls for Harvest Dinner

By Mara Shapiro

The Native American House will host its second annual Harvest Dinner at the University Dining Halls on Tuesday. 

“The collaboration is intended to offer foods that are culturally diverse,” wrote Hattie Holtapp, office support associate of Native American House, in an email. 

The dining units partnered with the Native American House so that students can have new “culinary experiences,” according to Holtapp. 

All the University Dining Halls will have almost identical menus with a specialty beverage of hot apple cider. The soup will be Northern Bean and Hominy with tortillas and stir ins, and there will be a carving station that will have a pig roast at FAR; carved fried turkey breast, braised turkey legs, carved honey glazed ham and buffalo chili with white and wild rice and cheese tamales with enchilada sauce at the Ikenberry Commons, LAR, PAR and Busey.

The sides that will be served are Guatemalan potatoes and fresh green bean salad, roasted acorn squash with toasted crumble and warm maple syrup drizzle, mashed potatoes with turkey gravy and fresh and canned cranberry sauce. There will also be a fry bread station that will feature Native American dishes such as Wojape, powdered sugar and honey in addition to TexMex toppings. The desserts featured will be pumpkin pie, a fresh fruit platter, warm blueberry dumplings, baked apples with caramel sauce and a harvest sugar cooking decorating station. 

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    Holtapp said she feels that students should attend this dinner to gain more knowledge about different cultures. 

    “Students should learn something about traditional ingredients of indigenous peoples and gain an appreciation for diverse food ways and cooking techniques.” 

    Mara can be reached at [email protected].