Cashew at the Planter’s NUTmobile

Taylor Higgins, current Peanutter and 2014 University alumnae, has been traveling in the NUTmobile since June 2014.

The campus squirrels will get a treat on Wednesday when the Planter’s NUTmobile makes a stop at Daniel and Wright. 

Mr. Peanut and the Peanutters will be recruiting for next years’ Peanutter positions. 

Taylor Higgins, a 2014 University alumnae, has been traveling through 15 western states in the NUTmobile with Arooj Aslam since June 1. 

They joined with Mason Kerwick in January and will be visiting cities in the Midwest until June 1, when their job as Peanutters will conclude. 

Higgins originally applied through I-Link to be an ambassador with Kraft’s other food-shaped vehicle, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, which visited campus last week. 

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Her resumé was picked up by her current boss, and “the rest is history,” she said. 

The main responsibility of a Peanutter is to be an ambassador for the Planter’s brand at retail events and sporting events. 

They also write a blog for the NUTmobile website and do everything on the road from booking hotels to, of course, driving the NUTmobile. 

“We like to say that it runs as smooth as peanut butter,” Kerwick said of the 23-foot vehicle. 

They all received extensive legume driving lessons and are confident in their driving abilities. There are some very unique experiences while driving cross-country, according to the Peanutters. 

“We were actually caravanning with the Wienermobile through Yellowstone, and the sun was setting as we were doing this so it was so picturesque and beautiful, and then on top of it we were in a giant peanut so it was incredible,” Higgins said. 

Aslam agreed that visiting the national parks in the West was one of her favorite moments, particularly Yosemite. 

“It’s really been like one of the most amazing years of my life,” she said.

Kerwick’s experiences in the East included meeting former President Jimmy Carter, working a pre-event for Beyoncé’s On the Run tour and driving in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

“It was so crazy to see massive streets in New York City just closed down and like thousands of people lined up to watch it,” he said. “I’ll probably never see something like that at a parade again.”

There are some necessary skills for those interested in being one of the nine new Peanutters. 

“If someone is just patient and able to think through things logically they’ll be able to survive a year on the road,” Kerwick said. 

Though a degree in journalism or public relations is not required for the position, it is helpful for the multitude of interviews and events that come with the job, said Aslam, who recommended at least having a pleasant attitude. 

“You need to be just a happy, personable person, you know. Have an outgoing personality. You do a lot of talking with all kinds of people all over the country,” she said. 

Being able to slip nut-related puns into conversation is also helpful, though it quickly becomes a habit while on the road, they said. 

Prospective Peanutters can talk to Aslam, Higgins and Kerwick about their experiences on Wednesday. A resumé and cover letter can be submitted through I-Link.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with this job. Like, work doesn’t always feel like work. It’s incredibly enjoyable,” Kerwick said. “We like to say that we spread miles of smiles, and sometimes those smiles are on our own faces.”

Lillian can be reached at [email protected]