A guide to the perfect ‘staycation’

By Hanadi Abunaim

I think that one of the last things that comes to the mind of every student when they think about the perfect vacation is staying home.

Even though it’s hard to imagine staying put over spring break, a “staycation” can be just as rewarding as traveling, as it gives you a comfort like no other.

If you intend on staying home this spring break and hope to make the best of it, follow these five tips for the perfect staycation:

Enjoy the presence of family

Even if we don’t want to admit it, students miss their families while they’re away at school. So one of the most important things to do on your staycation is spend time with your family. Help make the homemade dinner that you so desperately crave while at school, play a board game with your younger siblings or watch a sports game with your parents. Enjoy finally being home and catch up on all that you have been missing for the past few months because, as always, there is some new family function going on. Appreciate finally being a part of the inside family jokes that you’ve felt disconnected from for a while.

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    After two-and-a-half stressful months of going to classes, meetings and spending hours studying, it’s nice to finally be able to take time out for yourself. The week of spring break is the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep, watch all the Netflix shows that you fell behind on and even read a good book or two. It makes it easier to forget about all your stresses and responsibilities. Having one lazy week, I think, is healthy for your mind and body; it gives you the necessary time to re-energize for the next half of the semester.

    Reacquaint with old friends

    Spending time with old high school friends brings you back. You’ve been away from each other for what seems like years even though it’s only been a few months. But at the same time it feels like no time has passed at all, since you pick up right where you left off. You seem to fall into the same routine as before and enjoy each other’s company doing the most trivial of things. Personally, I can spend hours driving around with the radio blasting with my best friends.

    Utilize the resources in your community

    If you’re feeling bummed about being home during the break, look up things in and around your community that could help pass the time. Spending a day at the park, a museum, water resort, etc. could help you to better enjoy your break and help make the time until you get back on campus not feel as long.

    Try to meet up with with college friends who live near you

    Even though you’ve spent so much time together at school and will see each other again in only one short week, you start to miss your college friends. Planning to go out to lunch together or going to the movies together might help pass the time.

    You don’t have to go on vacation to have an enjoyable spring break. Your staycation will keep you busy enough as you try to cram everything that you want to do into one short week. You figure out who you can see and when, and sooner than you expected, your break is already over and you’ll be back to finishing up the rest of spring semester. So enjoy every moment and make the best of it!

    Hanadi is a freshman in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected].