Spring break playlist

By Compiled Hanadi Abunaim

1. Everytime We Touch – Cascada

“It is peppy and upbeat to keep you awake for a long road trip.”

– Anna Fowlkes

senior, LAS

2. Rip Tide – Vance Joy

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    “It’s an upbeat and fun song. It reminds me of summer time, and spring break is close enough.”

    – Mariela Noyola

    junior, Business

    3. I’m A Cuckoo – Belle and Sebastian

    “(It) makes me feel like it’s summer after a long winter. The whole album is pretty comedic and light-hearted, a good song to listen to when having a silly day.”

    – Todd Nguyen

    sophomore, Engineering

    4. Sober – Childish Gambino

    “My homie showed me this song, so whenever I miss chilling with him I play this. This song is great for long car rides.”

    – Brian Oh

    senior, Business

    5. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

    “I’m always listening to the radio in my car and this song frequently comes on. It’s hilarious and so catchy.”

    – Tess Tucker

    senior, ACES

    6. Kathleen – Catfish and The Bottlemen

    “Because it rocks, hard. You won’t get bored with it on your way to Padre.”

    – Evan Doran

    junior, LAS and MCB

    7. Till it hurts -Yellow Claw ft. Ayden

    “It’s very catchy and has a singer with a soothing voice. While at the same time the beats get you in a positive mood.”

    -Bryton Bui

    sophomore, LAS

    8. Reflections -MisterWives

    “I chose this song because I was listening to it while filling this out. Also, this song provides listeners a fun, upbeat tempo with amazing female vocals from Mandy Lee Duffy. Listeners will enjoy the change from traditional vocals and hopefully appreciate the wide range from Ms. Duffy.”

    -Drew Rife

    senior, Applied Health Sciences