University ranks high in finding job in Silicon Valley

By Walbert Castillo

Tweet: The University was ranked high in finding job in Silicon Valley

Chances of landing a position in Silicon Valley for Illinois students are not so slim, according to a recent analysis.

Jobvite, a recruiting platform for the social web, ranked a total of 20 universities on where students are most likely to land a job in Silicon Valley after graduation. The ranking was conducted after analyzing approximately 7 million applications and 40,000 hires from some of the top companies within the SiliconValley area.

The University was ranked number 15 on the list, while San Jose State University snagged the lead at first place. Additionally, Cornell University fell in last place.

Though Bill Bell, executive director for marketing and communications for the College of Engineering, said he is proud to see the ranking, he said it is more important to acknowledge the ongoing success of the students and the leadership of the faculty members, both as researches and teachers.

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    “We prepare those great undergraduates in great numbers – more than MIT, Stanford and Caltech combined,” Bell said. “The quality of our faculty is also crucial, they are collaborative, innovative and driven.”

    University students, who are admitted into the College of Engineering program, enter with an average ACT of 32 and half of those students participate in research during their undergraduate college career, Bell mentioned.

    Research Park provides students with both full-time and part-time positions in technology-based businesses, such as Abbott Laboratories, Grainger and Yahoo, etc. Research Park is home to more than 90 companies and employs more than 1,500 people, according to U. of Illinois’ Research Park’s official website.

    Although Silicon Valley is an enormous hub for University students, Laura Bleill, associate director of Research Park, said students should consider places outside of the tech-driven valley. She added: “I think the Midwest is a viable, but for many students they don’t see that … look at the entire picture, there’s a lot more to consider.”

    “It is no surprise that some of the best are coming from the University of Illinois,” said Bleill. “There’s a very high demand for tech talent these days, and we see that in the papers every single day.”

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