Quick Commentary

By Emma Goodwin and Kaanan Raja

Taste the (Doritos) rainbow

Ever since the Supreme Court ruling for same sex marriage, it seems that major franchises everywhere are showing their support for LGBTQ rights through rainbow-adorned merchandise. Well, add Doritos to the mix. The limited-edition chips, modeled after the Pride Flag, will not be available in stores — the only way of receiving a bag is by making a donation of $10 or more through the “It Gets Better Project” website.

Toy of our dreams: The Guitar Boy

You know when you were a kid and your parents would make you practice your guitar or piano instead of playing stupid video games? Well now, all of our dreams can come true, as a guitar has been invented with a GameBoy inside of it — rightfully dubbed The Guitar Boy. Neither gaming nor guitaring will ever be the same. The only question is: How can we get one? How about a round of Super Smash Bros.? Winner takes all!

The greatest pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

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Just in time for fall, the largest pumpkin to ever grace North America was announced this past weekend. The pumpkin, grown in Streator, Illinois, weighs more than 2,000 pounds and the record was broken in Wisconsin. Here’s hoping that it’ll be carved in a way that truly resembles the old “Halloweentown” movies and also provides enough resources for thousands of pumpkin pies and batches of pumpkin seeds.

No planning on freezing Planned Parenthood funds

For those who have kept up with the long-standing controversy regarding Planned Parenthood, you might have heard that the House of Representatives have decided to place a one-year ban on federal funding for the nonprofit. The organization, which normally receives about $450 million yearly in federal payments, will now lose about one-third of their annual budget. If the bill passes in Congress, the President has already promised a veto.