Send your student gifts to let them know you’re there

By Lucas Oswald, Opinions Editor

Everyone knows college can be draining, mentally and physically. There’s no better pick-me-up, however, than a package from home. It’s always nice to know people at home are thinking about us and rooting for our success.

Receiving anything at all is wonderful, but the following seven items will really make your students’ weeks.

1. You can never go wrong with good, old-fashioned money. Not only are courses expensive, but socializing is, too. From going out to dinner to escape rooms to coffee breaks to really any college-town activity, going out with friends can get expensive. A little bit of green every once in a while is certain to put a smile on your stressed student’s face.

2. If you’re afraid your cash will be spent as cover at one of the campus bars, maybe a gift card is a great number two. Find out which restaurant your student frequents on campus, and send them their next meal on you. Or give them some spending money for their favorite department store, perfect for their next trip to the mall.

3. Food from home is a fantastic way to remind your student how much you love them. Especially for those living in dorms, this is one of the best things to send them as dining hall food can get insipid and dull after a few months. Some homemade cookies are always nice to augment our diets of ramen and pizza.

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    4. A short, handwritten letter or encouraging note can go a long way toward keeping your student motivated. Words from loved ones are sure to make your student feel appreciated and their hard work recognized. These are particularly nice during the bloodbath of finals week or even during the sleepless midterm season.   

    5. An obviously thought-out gift is always a pleasure to receive. Send your student something you know they’ll love: a book, card game, accessory, jewelry, you name it. If your student collects it, add to their collection. Any and all distractions are sure to be welcomed.

    6. Toiletries are constantly in need of replenishing, and the cost can really eat away at a college student’s budget. Shouldering some of the financial burden or saving your student the walk to Walgreens lets them know they don’t have to be completely independent — yet.

    7. If you know your student’s size, clothing can be a refreshing gift. It’s always nice to have a new shirt to wear out, a new piece for the wardrobe that has gotten stale and predictable. If your kid sends you Snapchats of themselves in the same ratty T-shirt and jeans every day, perhaps it’s time to send them a little care package to diversify their clothing options.

    If you’re sending your student something, you’re already halfway to the parent of the year award. Trust me when I say all packages are thoroughly enjoyed. By sending your student any of these listed items, you’re sure to get calls home thanking you for your troubles.

    Lucas is a junior in LAS.

    [email protected]