Make friends in your dorm


Brigida Dockus

Yuanrui Chen, a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering stands in his single dorm room located at Busey-Evans Residence Hall on March 11.

By Carson Gourdie, Assistant Sports Editor

Saying goodbye to your life long high schools can be tough. The silver lining, though — having 8,000 new freshman to choose from. Between Greek life, the dorm or clubs, the University is a great place to make friends at your new home. Although its easier said than done, putting yourself out there to new experiences will pay off dearly in the long run.

When I came to the University, I knew nothing about the school other than I thinking our football team would should have won more. Although both of my parents when to college, they didnt go to the University, and none of my high school friends went there either. I went in completely blind with a random roommate. And my dorm was none other than Taft-Van Doren, infamous for its communal restrooms and no air conditioning. But in the end, it was the best place I could have ever lived.

By living in TVD, it forced me to leave my room and out of my comfort. I left the door open because I wanted cooler air, and I met people walking across the hall. Because doing homework in my air conditioned lobby was more comfortable in my room, I was able to meet people from the other side of the two-building dorm. Together, we all bonded over how the building was awful. But it was our awful building. The best thing that happened to me was going to school blind and meeting kids from all over. It had a chain reaction of me joining certain clubs, joining a fraternity and meeting my life long friends.

While the dorm is a fantastic place to meet new people, there are plenty of other ways as well. Although I know the coronavirus kind of ruined a lot of plans for incoming freshman, Illinois still has plenty of options of making lemonade with lemons. For example, for our female students, sororities will be having online rush via Zoom in order to intact social distancing protocols. The dining halls will still allow for some dining hours, which is a great place to get to know people.

College will be a little different this semester will all of the regulations put in place. But the fact is, every freshman is going through the same thing. By the time second semester rolls around, hopefully with a vaccine in place, the true colors and beauty of the University will show. However, in the time being, the first semester will be a great time to make close relationships will the people you live with. Youll all be able to bond about the unique and unforgettable first semester youll experience. By keeping that door open, willing to attend that club meeting and getting out of your room and to the lobby, youll be able to meet life time friends who youll always have stories to share with.


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