Weathering the storm: New staff takes over


By Diana Anghel, Editor-in-Chief

For journalists all over the country, the past year has been a mountain to climb, to say the least. The Daily Illini was no exception. We had to stop printing for almost a whole semester. All communication and production was forced to be online, putting a strain on not only the quality of our work, but also completely destroying the warm and productive atmosphere we create in the newsroom. Our staff struggled through things no other staff at the DI has faced. And we persevered.
The past year has shown me what the DI is capable of doing. Whether it is the pandemic, a ransomware threat, or any other unforeseen challenge, we will persevere. I’m proud and confident in the new staff, and there is no doubt in my mind that we will continue the excellency that has been left behind by the previous staff. J.J. Kim, 2020-2021 editor-in-chief, was an inspiration through the ways in which he led the DI, from the way he interacted with staff, to his way of thinking when making decisions. It is my goal to lead the DI with the same amount of perspective, kindness and determination.
My staff and I will be prioritizing online publication over print. While the paper will continue, it is of imperative value that our online presence continues to grow and to develop in ways we have not reached yet. We will work on new digital creative projects, envisioning new podcasts, newsletters, social media storytelling and interactive web pages. In a world of changing media, we must adapt to stay atop.
A goal that I’ve set for myself and the staff is to listen to you, the person reading this. Being part of this University means having the privilege of an immense and diverse network. The best stories oftentimes come from those who aren’t ever given an opportunity to speak. We will continuously and strenuously search to find these voices. Now more than ever, building trust with the community is crucial.
While it feels like a huge mountain is facing me, I’m both determined and excited to start climbing it. I cannot wait to see the work and growth we create as a staff. Most importantly, I look forward to serving you, our audience and community.

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