‘Behind Her Eyes’ astral projection twist deviates show’s focus


Photo Courtesy of IMDb

Eve Hewson, Simona Brown and Tom Bateman star in “Behind Her Eyes”. The psychological thriller series was released on Feb. 17.

By Graciella Abbey, staff writer

“Behind Her Eyes” is a six-episode series on Netflix, starring Louise (Simona Brown), a single mother who has an affair with her boss, David (Tom Bateman) while simultaneously building a friendship with his wife, Adele (Eve Hewson). David and Adele’s strained relationship comes as a result of continuous disturbing actions committed by Adele. Later in the series, it’s revealed that Rob (Robert Aramayo), who is Adele’s troubled “friend,” has been inhabiting Adele’s body through astral projection. Rob, threatened by David’s interest in Louise, manages to switch bodies with Lousie and start his new desired life with David.

At first, the plot of the show is suspenseful and captivating. From the beginning, there are hints that there’s something different about Adele because she knows things she shouldn’t. Additionally, there are clues that there could be supernatural elements. Therefore, the introduction of the astral projection isn’t surprising, but it comes across as gimmicky. The astral projection prevents the show from digging deeper into character development. Adele becomes a caricature of a “villainess,” rather than the multifaceted character that was displayed at the beginning of the series. The astral projection diverges from the discussions surrounding mental illness and the struggles surrounding motherhood.

The lead women carry the show despite the deviating plots. Simona Brown delivers an amazing performance, and her character’s turmoils and desires are flawlessly communicated across the screen. Eve Hewson plays a convincing wife that would do anything to keep her husband. On the other hand, Tom Bateman is sometimes at fault for over-acting and his performance is usually overshadowed by his female co-stars.

In “Behind Her Eyes,” there wasn’t any noticeably complex camera work or editing. The series’ mise-en-scène, or the arrangement of scenery and props, was fantastic. The color schemes and tones of each shot made the viewing experience much more immersive. “Behind Her Eyes” had the potential to discuss further issues, but the astral projection aspect completely shifted the tone of the TV show. “Behind Her Eyes” is for those who enjoy thrillers with a sci-fi twist. It was a pleasurable viewing experience with surprises that will forever be memorable to viewers.


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