‘Bo Burnham: Inside’ inspires viewers to change the world


Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Bo Burnham in ““Bo Burnham: Inside,” released May 30. The 90-minute special was written, edited, shot and directed by Burnham.

By Raina Kutliroff, Staff Writer

Netflix’s newest comedian special features Bo Burnham performing the most intimate form of comedy he’s ever done. “Bo Burnham: Inside” is written, edited, shot and directed by Burnham. This 90-minute special is filmed entirely from his home on a small camera and tripod. The special transitions from Burnham’s short comedic skits into a solo musical soundtrack from songs about the world’s oppression to songs about turning 30 and his “stupid f—— friends having children.”

Burnham attempts to heal the world with comedy, and this special makes it feel as though he is successful. Burnham opens the special with the theme song while sharing his true feelings about being locked inside his home: “Now leave me alone,” explains Burnham, who seems rather happy to be left alone as a result of the pandemic.

After the opening musical number, Burnham proceeds the special by having an intimate conversation with the audience. He sits in a wooden stall in front of a mirror in his kitchen and living area, also known as his filming and production studio. Burnham then proceeds to explain to the audience that he has no idea what this special is. “Welcome to, uh, whatever this is,” Burnham tells the audience.

The next musical number is about a FaceTime call with Burnham’s mom where he retells a detailed conversation about how he knew his mother recently showered. How did he know? Because her hair was wet, that was how he knew. He then sings about how his mother’s thumb was covering the camera throughout their call.

Bo Burnham and his friend, the sock puppet Socko, teach the audience the truth about how the world really works — oppression, genocide and exploitation. Burnham uses his comedic talent to criticize the pedagogy in the U.S and to advocate for social justice.

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    Not only are Burnham’s comedic talents showcased throughout the special, but “Bo Burnham: Inside” gave him the chance to showcase his production and editing skills, too.

    After performing another song, Burnham decided he would do a reaction video where he shares his thoughts about his performance. After filming a reaction video, Burnham then films a reaction video of himself reacting to that reaction video. Next, Burnham films a reaction video of himself reacting to that reaction video. Viewers will hear Burnham’s videos playing all at once with the sound just a little bit off, yet somehow they will be enticed to watch on, as his editing skills capture his many talents.

    Though he failed, Burnham attempted to complete his entire special before he turned 30. At 29 years, 364 days and 23:59 minutes old, Burnham felt he wanted to share the moment he turns 30 with all of his viewers. Burnham stares at the clock, which reads 11:59 p.m., moments before his 30th birthday. The music quiets down, and the camera pans closer and closer to the clock for the entire 60 seconds. It felt like we were all right there in the room with him, anxiously anticipating the moment the clock turned to midnight. At the stroke of midnight, Burnham proceeded to dance energetically around his room in his underwear while singing about what turning 30 means to him.

    “Bo Burnham: Inside” is exactly the type of comedy the world is longing for. Burnham aims to inspire viewers to change the world using their strengths — Burnham’s being comedy, of course. The Netflix special is spectacularly ironic, sarcastic, weird and downright funny and is a must-watch.


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