Best of CU: Best Study Spot

By Michelle Martinez, Contributing Writer

One of the great things about C-U is that there are so many options for studying. Though C-U offers a variety of study spaces, the community has voted on the Undergraduate Library as the Best Study Spot for buzz’s “Best of CU.” If you’re looking for either a silent or talkative study space, this is the place to go. The UGL has two floors for you to be productive in an environment that is most efficient for you and your study habits. The lower level is a quiet floor for anyone who needs to get in the zone or just might need a nap before studying hard. The upper level is a collaborative environment, and if background noise is a must for studying, this is the place to go. Got any group projects? Don’t worry! The UGL offers room reservations for more privacy. The courtyard located in the middle of the library is the best for those who need a breath of fresh air or to take a phone call.

The UGL also has an Espresso Royale with seating options in case you need brain food or a boost for studying. If you’re looking for some help writing papers, the UGL offers many resources, such as Writer’s Workshop for writing consultations, stress management rooms, loanable tech and audio and video rooms. Feel free to take advantage of any of these resources to make your studying more productive.

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