Best of CU: Best Indian Food

By Raina Kutliroff, Staff Writer

Since its opening in 2017, The Himalayan Chimney has gained quick popularity in the C-U community. Located in Champaign, the restaurant features a menu of modern Indian food. Between its delicious dishes and inviting interior, this restaurant is definitely one to check out. The Himalayan Chimney is proud to be part of the Champaign-Urbana community with loyal customers who continue to support their restaurant. 

Featuring a fully traditional Indian menu with a modern spin, the chefs at The Himalayan Chimney make fresh and homemade food daily, from soft and thick naan bread to mint and cilantro crispy samosas. Additionally, rice is provided with nearly every order, at no extra charge. A particularly well-known dish at The Himalayan Chimney is its pani puri, which is deep fried flatbread stuffed with a potato and chickpea filling. The inclusive menu caters to different customers as there are many vegetarian options.

The owners of the restaurant explain that they specifically designed the restaurant to feel like an authentic Indian eatery, made up of warm interior lighting and classy decor. It is clear the place has put a lot of care into its dining experience for all customers. The welcoming environment makes The Himalayan Chimney a great spot to try new types of food and grab a bite to eat. The small business is proud of their close connection to Indian culture and excited for more opportunities to connect to the C-U community.

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