Best Bathroom: Siebel Center for Design

By Caroline Sweeney, Staff Writer

You’re out and about when, all of a sudden, you find yourself in a situation where you need a bathroom, but it’s often hard to know where the good bathrooms are. According to the C-U community, the best bathroom can be found in the Siebel Center for Design.

It’s important to consider the factors that make a genuinely good bathroom. Those things are lighting, accessibility and foot traffic.

The lighting is great in these bathrooms, with nice white fluorescent lights and windows at the top that bring in the perfect amount of natural lighting.

Considering the location and foot traffic—the SCD is near the ARC, east of the Ikenberry Commons and Athletics Stadiums—the actual building is not as crowded as one would think. 

With less crowding and low traffic, this environment makes the bathrooms at the SCD ideal because there is less of a wait.

Then there’s the accessibility of the bathroom itself. What’s automatic and what’s not? The bathrooms offer automatic flushing, handicap stalls and automatic door switches. Although the rest is manual, these features make the bathrooms at the SCD much more available for students with different needs.

This bathroom has great lighting, easy accessibility and little to no wait, hence why it’s been voted the best bathroom in all of C-U. It even offers an all-gender bathroom, which makes this facility much more accommodating for everyone.

Located right outside the bathroom is a water fountain as well as a water fill station in case you need a refill, alongside some vending machines for study snacks. If you find yourself near SCD and nature’s calling, head right on in.


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