Best Drink: Blue Guy

By Faith Allendorf, Managing Editor for Reporting

Not synonymous with the Blue Man Group, the signature drink of the popular on-campus bar KAMS reigns superior over all alcoholic beverages in Champaign-Urbana: the one and only Blue Guy. 

Made of one shot of vodka and four to five ounces of a blue-raspberry energy drink called Bam!, Blue Guys are a sugary, flavorful and iconic addition to a night out at the bars. 

The energy drink is super sweet, and unless your bartender is being generous, the alcohol is barely distinguishable from the Bam! that it’s mixed with. The blue-raspberry drink will also turn your tongue blue within the first couple of sips, making for a great and memorable picture. 

Blue Guys are also synonymous with “icing out,” which is where you take all of the ice out of your drink and chug the beverage. It’s kind of gross, but a ritual nonetheless. You can’t ice out with a High Noon or any other canned drink, which makes a Blue Guy all the more iconic.

It’s typical for college campus bars to have a signature drink, and Blue Guys are so iconic that there are typically deals for them throughout the week. 

During the weekend, Blue Guys are usually $5, but on Mondays when students 21 and over pay no cover to get in, the drink is sometimes $2. Blue Guys for $2 are also sometimes available during the day, as well as during special events such as Dads Weekend. 

So, if you’re looking for an iconic Illini beverage that will make memories — or make you forget memories — the Illini Blue Guy is the way to go. 

And don’t forget to “ice out.”