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7 fun activities to knock this Father’s Day out of the park

Photo courtesy of Illini Dads Association Website
The Illini Dads Association is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. The organization provides students with ways to connect and succeed within the University through scholarships and Dads Weekend.

Every Father’s Day, we celebrate our beloved father figures with a nice dinner and a gift card for their favorite retailer. While it’s the thought that counts, this can sometimes leave them longing for something a bit more special.

Whether it be your dad, grandpa, uncle or any other non-blood-related father figure, they all deserve to feel loved on the one day a year that is just for them. Words might suffice, but nothing beats spending quality time with a male role model. 

This Father’s Day, show the father figure in your life just how much you care with fun activities that you can do together. Here are seven fun activities that will make the holiday one to remember:

Go axe throwing

If you’re looking for an activity that will have both your blood and adrenaline pumping, look no further than the sport of axe throwing. 

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There are axe ranges located in most major towns and cities, including The Axe Bar in Downtown Champaign. The activity may seem daunting at first, but never fear, the thrill overrides any feelings of nervousness. 

While launching an axe onto a wooden target is no easy feat, it can be quite satisfying once you get the hang of it. It even provides an opportunity for some stress relief. Not to mention it’s also surprisingly enjoyable watching others try and fail to hit the bullseye.

Go on a hike 

The best thing about nature is that you don’t have to pay a dollar to enjoy it. 

As a more traditional method of breaking a sweat, hiking is a great way to appreciate the scenic views nature has to offer. The diverse flora and fauna provide the perfect environment for some good old-fashioned bonding.

Head to your nearest Illinois state park for the best experience. You might also opt for a more nearby walk through Illini Grove or Meadowbrook Park.

Play board and card games

An oldie, but a goodie — board and card games are something everybody can enjoy. As a plus, you can partake in them from the comfort of your own home.

Break out the Monopoly board and test your patience in a game of money and wits. Better yet, try not to die of embarrassment playing the more scandalous Cards Against Humanity.

There’s something about fighting over plastic board game pieces that will bring back feelings of nostalgia, not just for you, but also for dad.

Cook a homemade meal

Nothing tastes better than a homemade meal, especially one cooked with love. 

Consider working together to cook up dad’s favorite dish or try something new. From classic homemade mashed potatoes to a vegetarian zucchini pie, there are plenty of tasty recipes to choose from in the DI’s extensive catalog of recipes.

Slaving away in the kitchen by yourself might not be any fun, but the company of another makes all the difference. Have fun playing chef with dad and gain some fatherly expertise along the way.

Go to the beach

Since Father’s Day is a summer holiday, it makes it a perfect day for a trip to the beach. There are plenty of options within a short driving distance of Champaign-Urbana such as Clinton Lake.

There is a certain calming environment that only exists down by the water. Let dad soak some of those warm summer rays or refresh himself with a nice swim and turn Father’s Day into a day of relaxation!

For a more active experience, there are a plethora of sports to play out on the sand as well. Try your hand at some beach volleyball or badminton.

You might also want to pack some food for a makeshift picnic no sandwich tastes more delicious than those eaten by the water.

Try a beer or wine-tasting

Quench dad’s thirst with a beer or wine tasting. The wide assortment of alcoholic beverages will make for a much classier experience beyond just cracking open a cold one after dinner.

You can choose to host the tasting at a venue or have your very own right at home. Serve measured portions of your choice of liquor in a set of fancy glasses and savor the variety of flavors.

If you’d like, you may even invite some family and friends to turn it into a small party. Head down to the Analog Wine Library to sip on some wine or the Blind Pig Brewery for a pint. 

Do an escape room

For those who enjoy a challenge, an escape room is a great way to kill an hour or two.

An escape room is an immersive experience where players are locked in a small area and are tasked with finding a way out. Through collecting clues and solving puzzles, one becomes closer to finding an exit. The teamwork-driven activity promotes bonding between players and ensures the creation of timeless memories.

There are a number of places where you can book a private escape room for a small group of people, like Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time & Space. Find the closest one near you or try constructing one of your own.

However you choose to spend this Father’s Day, don’t forget to remind the father figures in your life just how much you appreciate them. Treasure every moment together, not just this Father’s Day, but every day.


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