Buzz‘s Top 5 Record Store Day Picks

By Jack Kelly

1) All American Rejects – “Move Along”

move alongYou can’t tell me that you never loved the All American Rejects’ 2005 record Move Along as an annoying preteen. Seriously. Don’t even try and lie to me. I vividly remember those poppy classics like “Dirty Little Secret” playing on almost everyone’s iPod in like third grade, and I’m sure you do too. I have no clue what this band has done since (and I honestly don’t care) but the inclusion of this album on the Record Store Day lineup is just too good to be true. If I see this, I’m buying it purely for nostalgia’s sake. Who knows? Maybe eight-year-old me was right and this album is secretly amazing. – Michael Semaca 

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2) Patti Smith – “Horses: Live at Electric Lady Studios” 

patti smithIn late 2015, the incomparable Patti Smith performed her landmark debut “Horses” in its entirety at Electric Lady studios to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Luckily, that moment was captured forever on vinyl with “Horses: Live at Electric Lady Studios.” Smith apparently reworks some of the tracks on the new version, adding new, updated lyrics to some entries. Although nearly 70 years old, Smith has still got it and this new LP no doubt captures that. – Christine Pallon 



3) Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Brooklyn Zoo / Shimmy Shimmy Ya”

ol dirtyUpon a first, quick glance at the list of Record Store Day releases, there weren’t too many titles that immediately caught my attention. I took another round and this time I saw stumbled upon a name that brought a confused smile to my face. Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Ol’ Dirty Bastard? O. D. B. Apparently the hip-hop label Get On Down is releasing a 12” picture disc featuring two ODB classics, “Brooklyn Zoo” and “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. These beloved tracks are perhaps the two most iconic ODB songs that can be identified by any hip-hop enthusiast. To own both of these ridiculous tunes on one vinyl record would be out of this world. Even after his death, Ol’ Dirty Bastard is cherished for his boisterous personality and utterly hilarious rhymes. I’m a little concerned about not getting my hands on this one. – Jack Kelly


4) The Shaggs – “Sweet Maria b/w The Missouri Waltz” 

the shaggsThree sisters who could barely play their instruments start a family band at the wishes of their overzealous father, whose own mother predicted that his daughters would start a rock band following the untimely death of his wife. Although it sounds more like a bizarre screenplay, this is the real life story of ‘60s outsider rock band The Shaggs. Their infamous album “Philosophy of the World” has earned them the title of being one of the “worst” bands of all time due to the trio’s relative inability to play their instruments, bizarre lyrics and poor sense of timing. Despite this, they’ve maintained a cult following in the decades since. Fans of The Shaggs will be happy to know that the band is released two recently unearthed tracks this Record Store Day with “Sweet Maria b/w The Missouri Waltz.” Long live The Shaggs! – Christine Pallon


5) Nothing – “A.C.D”

nothingNothing couldn’t have chosen a more perfect time to release their second album “Tired of Tomorrow”. With Record Store Day at the halfway point between the premiere of the album’s first single and the release date of the record, the band decided to continue to build hype with an exclusive new single release. “A.C.D” has been streaming online for about a month now, but surely this won’t diminish any hype for grabbing the exclusive release.”A.C.D” will have the entire A side of the white 12″ to itself. Turning the record over will reveal a deluxe silkscreened B side that features an unreleased song from the new record. It’s releases like these that make Record Store Day so one-of-a-kind. – Jack Kelly