Buzz Picks: Warm Weather Destinations

By Matthew Novelli

With the weather warming up, summer is in the air. This type of weather makes everyone want to be in the sun, take long walks, and have something refreshing in their hands. The Champaign-Urbana area has many places that you can go to stop by and pick up a delicious snack that fits the weather.


Ice Cream

Jarling’s Custard Cup is hands down one of the best places to go for ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, and more. This custard shop is not located far off campus, at the intersection of  Neil St. and Kirby Ave. Although it is further than other options on Green Street, it is definitely worth the trip. There are unlimited options that can be perfect for any custard craving. Their snowstorms are a must have. They are similar to Dairy Queen’s Blizzards but creamier and more flavorful.  The blueberry cobbler snowstorm is a must try. Plus, they’re finally reopening tomorrow after a long winter away!

Coffee and more?

If you live in Urbana or are just looking to take a long walk or go on an adventure, downtown Urbana is a great place to go. One of my favorite places to stop by or study at, especially when the weather is nice, is the Flying Machine. This coffee shop also doubles as a pizzeria giving it a unique twist. I know it sounds strange, but both the pizza and coffee are great! One of my favorite drinks is iced rosemary mocha. The Flying Machine offers unique espresso drink options and their brewed coffee is just as good. If you need more than coffee to fill you up there is a variety of pizza to choose from that can be bought by the slice or a whole pie. The margherita pizza is fresh, light, and delicious.

Bubble Tea

When you are headed home from class or strolling along Green Street, there are many bubble tea shops to choose from. Bubble tea is very refreshing on a warm, sunny day. My favorite place to stop by is Latea Bubble Tea Lounge. This is one of the newer bubble tea locations but also has a lot to offer. The mango tea is very refreshing and fruity or if you’re in the mood for milk tea I would highly recommend the rose milk tea. One of the great things about Latea is they also have desserts and snacks that are worth a try. The macaroons and fried cheesecake are binge worthy.

Snow Cones

If you are searching for something cool but light, what’s better than picking up a snow cone from Kona Ice. Although this food truck is not always on campus it is worth finding or visiting when it stops by campus town. This truck visits a new location every day and they post their location via Facebook. The truck offers snow cones in many fruity flavors. Picking up a snow cone and walking around campus is always a great way to spend a summer day.