Spring into style: buzz’s spring style guide

By Tian Zhang

As the weather grows warmer, it’s time to take off those heavy coats and embrace the beauty of spring. To help refresh a drab winter wardrobe, here are seven fashion suggestions to remember when preparing your daily outfits.

1. Colorful hoodies and simple shirts
Spring is the most vibrant season of the year, so colorful shirts and hoodies are your best choices. Since the temperature is always fluctuating, you can dress up in hoodies when the wind is blowing and wear a casual T-shirt when the sunshine is cozy. Shirts and hoodies with a simple design, like bands on sleeves, will stand out more than overpowering visuals and will look more stylish than the average graphic tee.

2. Well-fitting jeans and leggings
Cute jeans are fundamental for any spring closet since they pair well with any aforementioned hoodie or T-shirt. Although each person may have their own preferential cut, choosing a bootcut jean gives the appearance of height on even the shortest person. With denim, color is equally as important as cut. A dark-wash style is better paired with brighter tops, while a light-wash looks better with simple or basic tops. Black leggings are a spring weather staple as well. Leggings can go with anything, making it easy to create a unique style.

3. Layering with light sweaters and jackets
Light sweaters and jackets are indispensable in a spring wardrobe because of their multi-functionality. When faced with a chilly morning walk to class but a warm afternoon on the Main Quad, layering is the best bet. A light jacket will be warm enough in the morning, but won’t be too heavy when the sun comes out.

4. Complementing with baseball caps
Baseball caps always offer a sense of sporty chic. They are the perfect complement to almost any spring outfit. On top of that, baseball caps have every sort of pattern, color and design imaginable, so finding one at any price point is effortless. Whether repping a favorite team or a favorite brand, a baseball cap will do the job.

5. Classic white sneakers
A pair of clean, white sneakers is the last step to completing a simple but fashionable outfit. Walking around campus or running around the track at the ARC with white sneakers is both comfortable and stylish. Just make sure to keep them clean. Otherwise, they lose that sharp contrast with darker clothes that keeps white sneakers in style no matter the current trend.

6. Different Doc Martens boots
Almost everyone owns a pair of Doc Martens boots, but there is more variety to them than just plain black. Doc Martens can be a fancier shoe option to add style to any outfit. Leather and/or suede boots will never go out of fashion, but don’t feel limited to the classic black.  Opt for a unique color, like burgundy or white, and if that’s not enough, go for some rhinestones or other flashy add-ons. Doc Martens will always look cool and edgy but also serve a functional purpose when the weather still thinks it’s winter.

7. Color schemes
Wearing colors brightens our looks and our spirits, but combining colors wisely is crucial for an outfit to not just be a rainbow. The easiest formula to remember is to include no more than three bright colors and at least one plain color, like black, white or blue. With this combination, there will be no mistaking you for a clown.