Best Mexican Food: Maize Mexican Grill

By Carolina Garibay

To no one’s surprise, Maize takes the spot for best Mexican food, continuing their winning streak and once again proving their spot as the best Mexican food in C-U. Since first opening in Champaign in 2011, Maize has been a welcoming restaurant full of friendly workers and fresh, authentic Mexican food.

“We try to do everything as true as possible to tradition,” said Armando Sandoval, owner and manager of Maize. Sandoval emphasizes the importance of sticking to traditional Mexican cuisine but also said Maize is not 100% authentic since we aren’t in Mexico. He said every Mexican restaurant is going to have its own take on Mexican food, which is one of the reasons why he loves what he does.

Sandoval also loves being able to bring people together through his cooking.

“Cooking is a good way to connect with people,” Sandoval said. His love for cooking traditional Mexican food pairs well with C-U’s love for tasty restaurants with a friendly environment and close-knit staff.

“I enjoy the community and the University,” Sandoval said. “Everybody has good energy.” Sandoval brings this warmth and friendliness of the community into Maize, which is likely one of the reasons why Maize has become a staple of C-U and a favorite among those in the community.

Though Maize has won Best of C-U several times in the past, Sandoval stays humble and stresses that his main goal is making traditional food for people to enjoy.