Best Bookstore: Jane Addams Book Shop

By Carolina Garibay

Jane Addams Book Shop continues to win the hearts of book lovers in Champaign-Urbana, taking the spot of best bookstore once again. Jane Addams opened in Chicago in 1984 before later moving to Champaign. Since then, it has become a C-U staple, cherished by members of the C-U community.

Susan Elmore, owner of Jane Addams, said she thinks the bookstore’s charm and wide variety of books are what draw people into the store.

“We’re unique,” Elmore said. “Unfortunately, there are not many bookstores left, so we’re one of the few places people can go if they love books.”

This makes Jane Addams extra special to the C-U community, as does its unique layout and extensive selection of books.

Book lovers should have no problem finding something to read at Jane Addams. The three-level bookstore houses around 70,000 books in more than 100 categories in 18 sections, so you’re bound to find something interesting, whether you want to read about photography, celebrity biographies or true crime. Even if you’re not looking for anything in particular when walking into Jane Addams, you’re more than likely to come out with something new and interesting.

If you haven’t been to Jane Addams yet, don’t worry. They have a map to help guide you through their 15 rooms of books, so you should be able to easily locate your favorite categories and topics.

“We’ve got a lot to choose from,” Elmore said. “I think people enjoy coming in.”

She also said Jane Addams will be celebrating 10 years in Champaign this December, so if you haven’t visited the store yet, stop in this December to celebrate with them.