Cyrus’ fans receive ‘Attention’ in her latest album

Singer Miley Cyrus releases latest album Attention, on March 27. The album includes a variety of covers and past songs.

Photo courtesy of Genius

Singer Miley Cyrus releases latest album “Attention,” on March 27. The album includes a variety of covers and past songs.

By Lucy Bridges, Contributing Writer

On March 27, Miley Cyrus announced the release of her new album, “Attention,” which consists solely of the live recordings of a handful of her most beloved songs. Cyrus released the album in early April but has gradually added covers, renditions and unreleased songs to the album throughout the month.

In the search for the perfect setlist, Cyrus asked her audience what songs they wanted to hear her perform during shows. Thousands of life-long Miley fans responded with their favorite and most iconic releases, ranging from her Hannah Montana era to her recent exploration of rock music. 

In a time when she is holding fewer live performances, Cyrus emphasizes the importance of letting her fans experience live music. In a statement posted on her Instagram, Cyrus wrote, “I was doing a minimal amount of live shows this year and wanted the maximum amount of fans to experience me live!” Cyrus then expressed her gratitude toward her fans and the dedication they have shown her, writing, “This album is for you!” 

Her latest album begins with the album’s title track, “Attention,” which is a previously unreleased tune. With its mix of pop-instrumental music and rock vocals, “Attention” captures Cyrus’ new style of music and performance. The album then continues to produce a list of songs that are a melting pot of Miley Cyrus’ most recognizable and successful works.  

The variety of songs on “Attention” lets listeners and Miley fans of all ages resonate with her music. The seasoned fans can reminisce and sing along to the live recorded versions of her older songs — “The Climb,” “We Can’t Stop,” “Bangerz” and “Wrecking Ball” — while Cyrus’ younger audience can rock out to her most recent works like “High,” “Angels Like You” and “Plastic Hearts.”

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This album is unique because even people who are not normally avid listeners of Cyrus’ music can enjoy her work through the inclusion of live covers of widely loved and famous songs like “Jolene” by Dolly Parton; “Like a Prayer” by Madonna; and “Heart of Glass” by Blondie.   

The live recordings of all the songs on “Attention” give fans an opportunity to experience her unique, authentic voice anywhere and anytime. In certain songs like “The Climb” and “Like a Prayer,” Cyrus puts a spin on the original vocal versions, creating a slight twang and rasp on the vocals and adapting her older music to fit her new vocal style of rock ’n’ roll.  

Cyrus’ album is a representation of all the different types of musical styles that the singer has embodied in her past 16 years of writing, singing and performing. In the album’s live cover of Dolly Parton’s hit song “Jolene,” Cyrus addresses her mismatched setlists and album when speaking directly to her audience, saying, “I hope this show is a representation of you never need to choose who you want to be. And you don’t need to fit into any boundaries or into any boxes. You can be anything and everything that you have ever wanted to be all at the same time.” 

In “Attention,” Cyrus once again shows that she is not afraid to be an artist that lives and performs outside of the box. This release has reflected her ability to be unapologetically herself, making her a standout star of her generation. Cyrus’ work on “Attention” creates a time capsule-esque album of iconic Miley works for fans to experience live. 


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