Lucky Boys Confusion hits it off at Canopy Club

If you want to see Lucky Boys Confusion at the Canopy Club on Sept. 16, it would be smart to get your tickets soon. The pop-punk group has been playing sell-out shows at the club since 2001, according to Canopy Club talent buyer, Michael Armintrout.

“They’ve actually been kind of an anomaly in that regard. I can’t think of many other bands that have drawn as consistently over the last 10 years,” he said.

If you’ve ever gone to a concert at the Assembly Hall and felt underwhelmed, this might be a good show to check out, said Samantha Florienne, junior in Media.

“Canopy is more of a music bar without being some huge hall and it keeps the atmosphere feeling personal,” she said.

A smaller venue won’t make much of a difference if the band is not good live; however, Lucky Boys Confusion doesn’t seem to have that problem. Carmen Maiorano, sophomore in Business, saw Lucky Boys Confusion when they played at Canopy Club last semester.

“It was a great show! It was my first concert ever, and the energy they brought was awesome,” she said.

Florienne, who first saw the band at Canopy Club when she was a freshman, had nothing but good things to say about their shows.

“They aren’t like some artists that sound completely different from the CD to in-person and they have a great stage presence,” she said.

Jackie Schmidt, sophomore in General Studies, saw Lucky Boys Confusion at Canopy Club last semester and will also be at the September show.

“It was a really good show. They were really entertaining and played all my favorite songs,” Schmidt said of the last time she saw them at Canopy Club.

Lucky Boys Confusion is also known for having a great relationship with their fans — one of the reasons people like Florienne make a point of seeing them whenever they’re in town.

“They seem really grounded and don’t seem to have let fame change them into artists that don’t care about their fans,” Florienne said.

Armintrout echoed Florienne’s feelings, saying that the band has developed many relationships with people in Champaign-Urbana in the time they’ve been playing shows here.

It’s not surprising then, that fans feel comfortable interacting with the band during their shows.

“They respond to the crowd and they’ll tease us, but it’s all in good fun,” Florienne said.

Fans also get in on the fun. During their song “Bossman,” lead singer Adam Krier says, “I’m all out of smoke,” usually followed by fans throwing packs of cigarettes on stage.

At least one person has done it every time Florienne has seen the band.

Florienne had one final bit of advice for anyone planning to go — wear deodorant. “It gets rather sweaty in there,” she said.

Tickets are $10 in advance and are on sale now at the Canopy Club, Manolo’s Pizza & Empanadas, Exile on Main Street, by phone at 1-800-514-ETIX or “online” Doors will open at 8 p.m.