Billboard receives mixed opinions

By Terrell Starr

If you’ve driven past the intersection of Kirby and State streets lately, chances are you’ve been flashed. A large, bright billboard flashing advertisements on Kirby has residents chatting.

Steven Markowitz, sophomore in Business, feels the sign is both negative and postive.

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“I’ve never seen one like that before,” Markowitz said. “I think it can be annoying to drivers. I think it could be a hazard, but I think it’s probably good for advertisers and it would probably take a lot more revenue than just a plain billboard.”

Law student Krishna Desai is ok with the billboard, but says it can be improved.

“I think it’s alright,” Desai said. “It might be able to be slowed down a little bit so its not as spastic I guess.”

Phoebe Scott, also a law student, agrees with Desai. Scott adds that residents may not have enough time to understand what the advertisements are saying. She is concerned about an ad of a missing girl flashing and then quickly disappearing.

“That’s probably the most important one and you really don’t have time to really look at it or take down the phone number or when it flashes by,” she said. “So I would really think that one should probably stay up the longest out of all of them.”

But Champaign resident Jerald Pataky doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

“I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other, but I think it looks kinda nice,” Pataky said. “It’s sort of bright and changes signs every few seconds.”

Advertisements on the board also include services from real estate agents and various financial firms.