UIPD urges better car security


Division of Public Safety

Police are looking for the man pictured in this Nov. 24 security camera footage from parking garage B-4, 405 N. Goodwin Ave., Urbana. He is believed to have been involved in at least two car break-ins.

By Daily Illini Staff Report

According to the release, the UIPD is still looking for a man suspected in the burglary of two vehicles last week. Two University employees reported that their cars, parked at grave B-4, 405 North Goodwin Avenue were burglarized on Nov. 24. Nothing appeared to be stolen in one burglary but in the other a speaker with an estimated value of $150 was stolen. Both cars were unlocked, the report stated.

Investigators believe the suspect appeared on University security cameras and continues to search for the suspect. In the meantime, the UIPD reminded community members of the importance of locking car doors. The UIPD also urged drivers not to leave valuables in their cars, park in visible areas and install an alarm system. High-traffic areas and alarm systems can be enough to deter potential burglars, the UIPD reported.

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