Weekly Illini: October 16, 2017


By Aaron Navarro, On-Air News Editor

Weekly Illini is your news podcast to keep up with the University of Illinois’ biggest stories.

This episode looks at two studies that reveal discrepancies in classes for two categories: grades and gender. With October being National Domestic Violence Awareness month, we also look at the Women’s Resource Center on campus and what they do. We then talk to UIPD Deputy of Chief Operations Matt Myrick about responding to a shooter on campus. And lastly we look at legislation aiming to revise the higher education system in Illinois.

Thanks to Rep. Dan Brady (R-Normal) for talking to us. Also thanks to Luke, Karen, Rebecca and Alyssa for their work on their respective stories.

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    Stories Covered

    Data show grade disparities between University multi-section courses” by Luke Cooper

    College of Engineering pushing to narrow gender discrepancy” by Karen Liu

    Domestic Violence Awareness Month highlights daily issue” by Rebecca Wood

    Despite best preparation, weapons could still threaten campus ” by Alyssa Pappas

    Bill introduced would restructure higher education system” by Aaron Navarro

    The song is “The Exchange” by the JuJu Exchange.