Student pleads guilty to stealing $10k from RSO


By News Staff

A former treasurer of the Illinois Trial Team was sentenced to Second Chance Probation on Feb. 23 after pleading guilty to stealing more than $10,000 from the organization in 2022.

Nubaira Kabir, senior in LAS, was charged with Class 2 felony theft on Oct. 6.

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In October, Lieutenant Andre Davis of the Champaign Police Department said that between the months of June and July in 2022, Kabir was “alleged to have stolen $10,487” from the RSO’s private bank account.

There were over 17 unauthorized transactions made over the span of a few weeks.

According to Davis, the president of the trial team was alerted when the bank account was charged with overdraft fees.

As part of her two-year probation, Kabir is ordered to complete 30 hours of community service.

If she adheres to the terms of probation, she will be able to have the conviction cleared from her record as part of Second Chance Probation.

Second Chance Probation is an Illinois sentence that is unique to the state. The sentence allows convictions to be cleared from one’s record after the completion of probation. It has been in effect since 2014 to give judges the option to sentence offenders to probation without having a felony conviction on their record. The sentence is only applicable for nonviolent offenders and if the offender has not previously committed a felony or violent offense.

An attorney who represents Kabir as well as the Illinois Trial Team could not be reached for comment.


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