Suburban Express notes Canada in Valentine’s Day promotion


Kenyon Edmond

Photo of the Suburban Express Illini Shuttle on Jan. 15.

By Jessica Bursztynsky, News Editor

Transit company Suburban Express emailed its customers a Valentine’s Day promotion Saturday morning, taking aim at Canada.

Under “The Suburban Express Experience,” the email said, “You won’t feel like you’re in Canada when you ride our buses.”

The email comes two months after the company’s initial Dec. 2 email scandal, when it listed, “You won’t feel like you’re in China when you’re on our buses” as a self-identified perk.

The email was referring to the University’s high international student enrollment. In a follow-up apology later that day, Suburban Express criticized how the University handles enrollment, particularly among Asian students.

The company is currently under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan over potential civil rights violations under the Illinois Human Rights Act.

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