Swastika incidents remain under investigation

By Jose Zepeda, Assistant Daytime News Editor

The University Police Department is continuing to investigate four instances of anti-semitism that occurred on campus last week.

Craig Stone, UIPD police chief, released a statement Monday saying each instance is still under investigation, and at this time, there is no reason to believe they are connected.

The first swastika was found Oct. 7 in the Foreign Languages Building. The second swastika was found Oct. 10 in a bathroom stall in Taft Hall. The third and fourth swastikas were found Oct. 11 in a Weston Hall elevator and an ACES Library study table. 

On Sept. 25, Weston Hall hosted a regularly scheduled staff development program, which included a presentation titled “Palestine & Great Return March: Palestinian Resistance to 70 Years of Israeli Terror.” Students for Justice in Palestine defended the presentation.

Chancellor Robert Jones said in a Massmail that University Housing staff will get anti-semitism training by the end of the year.  

For each of the four instances, it is not known when the damage occurred. One of the instances was considered very old. 

Stone urged University students, staff and faculty to continue to report if they see any troubling or suspicious behavior.

We understand and acknowledge that having multiple incidents of this kind reported in such a short period of time is troubling and, for many of our community members, threatens their sense of personal safety on our campus, Stone said. We are confident that our campus remains a safe place for students, faculty, staff and visitors, and the University of Illinois Police Department continues to maintain a highly-visible police presence to deter criminal activity.

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