Letter: Who needs enemies?

Danielle Sharp does a wonderful job of wrapping herself in the flag, just as President Bush and Vice President Cheney have done in the past months.

She and her Far-Right friends would have us believe those among us who disagree with Bush and protest his policies do not love the United States. I cannot think of anything further from the truth.

I love the United States, but I do not love Bush’s twisted perversion of American values. I love a country where everyone has an equal chance to succeed- Bush loves a country where more citizens are in poverty than ever before.

I love a country where we explain the reasoning behind our actions. Bush loves a country where the public can be misled into an unnecessary war. I love a country where all citizens have the same rights. Bush loves a country where hateful, religiously motivated discrimination may be written into our most sacred political document.

I love the United States for what it has been and what it can become. If Bush is re-elected, I will still love the United States, but I will be forced to ask the question: With a leader who loves us as Bush does, who needs enemies?

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Morgan Polikoff

junior in LAS