Letter: Johnson has leadership

By The Daily Illini

If I didn’t know any better than what I read in The Daily Illini, I would think that Dr. David Gill was the incumbent U.S. representative from our district.

He is the only candidate that you hear about on campus when current representative, Tim Johnson, has done a great job during his tenure in the House.

Ask a Gill fan why they support him and they are quick to point out his far-left plans for universal health care and his out-of-touch ideas on legalizing gay marriage. Hang a stethoscope around his neck and add a cute tagline about fixing Champaign’s boo-boos and liberals think they have a solid candidate.

However, we need to look no farther than Congressman Johnson for steady leadership that is actually in touch with the needs of Champaign-Urbana. He has worked in the House to create new farm policy, lower taxes, and even bring money back home to help Illinois universities.

The funny thing is that some students on campus believe that David Gill has a chance at winning this election.

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Obviously, they don’t understand that people outside of this University vote as well.

David Gill might win the University student votes, but he will be demolished in the rest of the district.

Tim Johnson has been an excellent representative for our district and it will be in everyone’s best interests when he is re-elected this November.

Justin Kleckner

freshman in business