Letter: Don’t distort the facts

By The Daily Illini

In response to Eric Naing’s editorial “Enough is enough,” I find it tragic and ironic that on the same day Mr. Naing makes the statement in his column that the world is actually not better off without Saddam Hussein, the BBC is reporting babies are among the thousands of Kurdish corpses found in mass graves – traces of Saddam Hussein’s legacy in northern Iraq. He might have been a “contained madman,” but that doesn’t justify looking the other way from possibly the largest genocide of our generation.

As opinion writers, you have the right to disagree with the policies of a sitting president because of freedom of the press (a right the Iraqi people are just now learning to enjoy). But in your zeal to unseat our president, I would appreciate it if you would not distort the facts that Saddam Hussein was and is a) evil and b) responsible for hundreds of thousands of murders during his tenure as dictator of Iraq. It does a disservice to you as writers and us as a readership.

Bob Danstrom

senior in LAS