Letter: Ignorance of doctrine

By The Daily Illini

Jon Monteith argues Tuesday in his column, “Blatant Hypocrisy,” that pro-life Catholic protesters were hypocritical because they argued that Kerry is not proving his Catholicism in the current presidential election. He said that the pro-Kerry group had a point when they argued that Catholics are also anti-death penalty and anti-war. Jon and those Catholics with Kerry should open their Catechism more often because they are less than half-right (no pun intended).

Ignoring the obvious kindergarten lesson that two wrongs don’t make a right, the Catechism, as well as Catholic theology, argues differently than Kerry’s supporters (who interestingly enough, according to recent polls are mostly those who do not attend mass every Sunday so their understanding of Church Doctrine is questionable). First, the Catechism (in Part III, section 2, chapter 2, article 5, 2270) states that life begins at conception and hence the right to live exists as well. In other words, according to the Catechism, abortion is murder, period. Second, the Catechism does give leeway for the government to use the death penalty in certain grave situations (i.e. murder and treason). Third, while the Pope has decried the invasion of Iraq as being contrary to the Just War Theory, he did not claim Papal Infallibility at the time (as a Lutheran, my understanding of this doctrine might be incorrect, but I believe this must be announced) and hence to question his decision does not make one a bad Catholic.

Kerry and some of his supporters might claim to be Catholic, but it seems obvious from this illustration that they don’t appear to walk the walk.

Christopher Heren

senior in LAS

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