Letter: Analogy needs amending

By The Daily Illini

I would like to address Valerie Jennings’ “Truth Behind Christian Acts” article (Oct 14). First I would like to make it clear that I do not think that Evangelicalism or Christianity is misguided. I think that they have every right to practice as they do. There is, however, a fundamental flaw in the analogy of Ms. Jennings’ response. Not only is the analogy limited and inconsistent, but another aspect of this controversy needs to be understood. Let’s first start from the premise that the world is a vast ocean in which we are all drowning, surrounded by sharks. I can accept that when you find your boat, you have been saved. But what right allows you to say that I’m drowning just because I am not in your boat? Why is it not OK for me to have found my own? I agree with Alex’s idea that people try to convince us that their boat is better than ours. If all they are concerned with is my safety, then why do they tell me to get out of my boat and onto theirs? How does that benefit them? The question is not whether you should save me, but why you need to convince me that your boat is better. Why are Atheism, Judaism, and Islam’s “boats” not good enough? You shouldn’t feel the need to bring me to the light, because I assure you I am not in the dark.

Aaron Braun

senior in ACES