Letter: Count me out

By The Daily Illini

In response to Valerie Jenning’s letter, “Truth behind Christian Acts,” from Oct. 14, I will explain to her why we non-Christians struggle to “understand this love and concern” that evangelical Christians have for mankind.

To us, love and concern for mankind does not come in the form of condemnation for homosexuals, of disregard for and a lack of acceptance of other religions, or of support for President Bush, a self-proclaimed “war president.” Love and concern for mankind involves standing up for everyone’s right to live freely and happily, regardless of their sexual orientation; it means respecting and accepting all religious beliefs and not condemning to hell those who do not believe in Christianity; and it requires the removal of President Bush, who is responsible for thousands of civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan and the reversal of years of progress in the United States.

Because of the current administration, our education system has deteriorated; our environment has been under assault; and the lives of the poor and oppressed have worsened. I used to call myself Christian, because I was raised to believe that being Christian meant loving and respecting all people and working for social justice and progressive ideals. Coming to this University and being exposed to the evangelical Christian movement and their conservative ideals made me ashamed to call myself Christian. Until Christianity as a whole condemns all forms of intolerance, oppression and violence, you can count me out.

Meghan Sullivan

senior in LAS

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