Letter: The truth

By The Daily Illini

I am writing this in response to the DI’s “Election Guide 2004” – specifically, its endorsement of Republican candidate Deborah Feinen, who is running for State Representative. In the endorsement of Feinen, the DI editorial board charges that incumbent State Representative Naomi Jakobsson has “done little to further causes for the University in the past two years.” This could not be further from the truth!

The truth is that Rep. Jakobsson has fought hard against the governor to bring funding to the University. For the past several years, the state has drastically cut funding for the University and has caused the University many hardships. This year, the governor proposed a $14-million budget cut to the University and because of Jakobsson’s efforts, this plan was defeated. For the first time in years, the University did not have its budget cut. Any increase in tuition, loss of classes or loss of positions is due solely to residual effects of budget cuts made by previous Republican legislators.

Furthermore, Feinen accuses Rep. Jakobsson of not caring about the student population. However, it was Jakobsson’s campaign with the College Democrats that registered more than 10,000 students to vote. Feinen registered zero! If, as the Feinen campaign suggests, they care about the student population, why did they not make any effort whatsoever to register students? The truth is, Feinen’s promises are empty-campaign promises and she is merely trying to take advantage of Jakobsson’s real efforts. I suggest to the editorial board of The Daily Illini that, before making such grand accusations, it holds itself to a higher journalistic standard and does better fact checking. I urge all registered students to vote for Naomi Jakobsson for State Representative. She has proved her commitment to the University and its students through actual efforts!

Kiana Basu

sophomore in LAS

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