Letter: Wolf in sheep’s clothes

By The Daily Illini

While attempting to research the many issues and candidates that will be on the ballot come Tuesday, I ran across some rather startling information. I have had the opportunity to observe several debates between the candidates who are running for State Representative for the 103rd District, which includes campus and many of the campus residences. During these debates the incumbent legislator, Democrat Naomi Jakobsson, has touted that she is a representative who cares about the future of the University. She has often said that because of her fight against cuts in state funding, the University’s budget will remain the same for the first time in three years.

While I am glad to hear that our representative is fighting for our quality of education and life, I recently discovered another side to the story on www.swiftstudents.com. In actuality, Representative Jakobsson voted in favor of a motion that increased funding for Chicago State University and cut funding for the University of Illinois (HB 2671). As a result of this motion, our tuition increased and more than 1,000 course sections were cut. I know that Jakobsson often promotes her willingness to protect the University campus, but I’m a little confused as to how voting in favor of such a motion supports this platform. When asked about her favorable vote, Representative Jakobsson reportedly said, “I voted for it, so obviously I agree with it.” Why would someone who claims to be our advocate deliberately support something that would harm us? Personally, I don’t want to send someone who is unconcerned about my welfare and willing to publicly lie about issues back to Springfield to represent me for another term.

Jen Shatswell

junior in LAS