Letter: You got beat

By The Daily Illini

I am quite disappointed in the editorial board’s handling of the re-election of President Bush. You seem to believe in selective democracy: Before the election, you insist that the voice of the people must be heard – which it was – but as soon as the voice strays from your ideology, you wish to silence it. U.S. citizens voted on morality and foreign policy; they are opposed to same-sex marriage, abortion and liberal pacifism abroad. Why should our nation, then, not legislate accordingly? It is the President’s responsibility to fulfill his mandate, not cater to the philosophies of collegiate “journalists” that are out of touch with America, and ultimately, reality.

You reached the height of presumptuousness when you use flippant language regarding the President’s victory, as if he somehow stumbled upon a default win. He didn’t. No “wish” was granted. The people – us, the heart (and majority) of the nation – simply acknowledged that he deserved the opportunity to continue leading our Great Land.

Come on, you just got beat. Pretty badly.

Andrew Fitzgerald

junior in LAS

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