Letter: Marriage defended

I applaud a recent court decision that came out of New York. It’s a solid victory for the family.

On Dec. 8, the New York Appellate Court upheld the state’s marriage laws in a 4-1 decision, reversing a lower court’s ruling that ruled that the state’s marriage laws were unconstitutional.

The appeals court said it’s not the role of judges to redefine the terms “husband” and “wife.” The court said that it was troubled that the lower court “proceeded to rewrite [the statute] and purportedly create a new constitutional right.” Furthermore, the appeals court chastised the lower court ruling, stating that the trial court’s ruling “was an act that exceeded the court’s constitutional mandate and usurped that of the Legislature.”

Judges should not rewrite the law. It’s not their job. Their role is to interpret law as it’s applied to the Constitution. It is the right of the people, not judges, to create social policy. And every time the people are allowed to vote on marriage they have chosen one man and woman.

Natural marriage is the bedrock of healthy families. Healthy families raise, nurture, and protect children. Society becomes stronger and ultimately, everyone benefits.

Karen Nunheimer

Morris, Ill. resident