ISS reaching out to students through new projects

One of the main problems that we encounter with Illinois Student Senate is that no one knows about us! We want to make people aware of our presence — which is where the Public Relations Committee comes in. The Public Relations Committee’s goal is to reach out to as many students and registered student organizations as possible through projects and events so students may be aware that ISS is an approachable, accessible entity preserving students’ interests. In the past, the means by which we’ve done this have stayed on the path of advertisements, a trend we’re certainly continuing. In fact, this year we’re excited about creating a commercial that we can use when introducing ourselves for freshmen orientation and other introductory opportunities.

Furthermore, we want to know what people really care about. A project we’re working on, introduced by the Vice President-Internal Sam Barghi, is the concept of a drop box, in which ISS would have boxes around the campus in target areas so students could write in their concerns and drop them into these boxes. We hope by having these accessible boxes around, we can be made aware of real concerns that students have. Many times, when students have issues, it is easier to anonymously voice concerns than coming in and speaking to someone in person.

On more serious matters, campus safety is an issue that obviously affects all students. It is one issue that is really important to me, as a woman on this campus. After the uproar last year about the high number of crime alerts we were receiving, it is important to realize that just because we aren’t receiving as many crime alerts, it doesn’t mean crime isn’t happening. Yes, we do live in a relatively safe campus, but there is always room for improvement. Progress can be made, whether it be by working with administration to increase lighting, or in the case of ISS, working to organize a self-defense seminar.

We’re here to serve you, as the official voice of the student body. If you ever want to voice your concerns, please come to our general meetings, held every Wednesday at 7 p.m. on the third floor of the Levis Faculty Center (behind Krannert Center and across from the Illinois Street Residence Halls).

_Helen Celewicz, Public Relations Chair_