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Opinion | Fathers have an important impact on their children and should be celebrated

We would not be here without our fathers. Although fatherly involvement varies individually, it’s important to take a step back and recognize the impact that our dads have had on us.

It’s also important to acknowledge and appreciate if you have a positive father figure in your life and the influence that they have had on you. This positivity should be celebrated in order to give back to the men who have given so much to us. 

Coming from a Latino background, it is stereotypically expected for the mother to solely care for the children while the father works to provide for the family. Of course, working more can result in less parental involvement. 

Growing up and currently, both of my parents are employed and they are both extremely hard workers. My parents also had me when they were young, which meant that they had to work a little bit harder. 

Although my dad worked graveyard shift hours until recently, he made sure to show up to my events and support my siblings and me. Whether that was driving to school events or coaching an evening soccer game and then heading to work, he always tried his best no matter how exhausted he was.

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My dad took a step towards breaking generational cycles and this has resulted in a positive impact in the lives of my siblings and me. 

While all of our experiences vary, the effort our father figures have put in should be recognized. Yes, fathers should have to step up and care for their children but the extra effort really does make a difference. They are working hard to give us a substantially better life experience than they ever had. 

The presence of fathers has been studied and increased presence has correlated with increased IQ development, social abilities and educational outcomes. Although this might be something we do not think about every day, those of us who have had involved fathers should be appreciative, as our fathers have given us the ability to excel even further than we would have on our own. 

My father has encouraged me to pursue my goals and this has led me to be on the path to attain higher education. Without his support and encouragement, I know I would not be where I am today. 

My father instilled qualities in me that I am proud to carry. He taught me the value of hard work, honesty and independence. These qualities have allowed me to succeed in life up to this point and will continue to aid my future endeavors.

His presence has not only impacted me, but also my younger siblings. My dad’s support and goal-oriented mindset have allowed my younger brother to participate in activities my dad could only dream of doing when he was that age. I am sure other fathers have been ecstatic to give their children opportunities that they were unable to have themselves. 

Nobody’s experiences will line up exactly to match another person’s, but by sharing my experiences I hope to encourage others to take a step back and acknowledge what we have been given. It is also a privilege to have a father figure who is active in your life and this should be recognized. 

Although none of our fathers are perfect, we have to remember that it is their first time living too. They are trying their best and of course are bound to slip up sometimes, as any person would. Many of our father figures go about their daily lives with their help and accomplishments unrecognized although they do so much. 

We all carry a piece of our dads with us, whether that is a physical or personality-based trait. Our fathers’ impacts and influences on us should be celebrated. 

Father’s Day is only once a year, but father figures should be celebrated every day so that they know that their hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. Dads are appreciated! 


Janessa is a sophomore in LAS.

[email protected]

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